What has been your experience on anti-depressants?


Feeling of choking

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  • KabdiSystem


    The first one I was put on never seemed to work. It was very annoying because no matter how nuch they upped the dosage I saw nothing change. Then I got switched to a new antidepressant that doubles as an ocd medication and after sorting the dosage it works! It really is true what they say that sometimes you just have to try things to get the right one. Also antidepressant withdrawal is killer

  • JingleP


    It’s a very mixed bag and really depends on the individual. It can also help some symptoms while making some worse at the same time. I personally have a weird low metabolism for them because the normal starting dose was always way too much and caused breakdowns and crying spells so I had to take half dose. Zoloft is the only one that’s worked for me and it helps with motivation but not energy. Much of the time you need to try a few before you find one that works and doesn’t have bad side effects. But when you find one they can really help. I love how my Zoloft is just this teeny pill I take once a day but it significantly helps my depression.

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