I recently moved to Texas for college and I've been having an extremely hard time. I've barely made any friends and I've been having heart problems from stress and anxiety. I'm not sure what to do because I have none of my family here.

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    Goodness, thats some intense anxiety. Where are you studying?? Or what are you majoring in? I live in texas as well and I’m at the age to go to college but I don’t have the money or, frankly, the maturity. Have you been adjusting well or making friends or anything like that? Or is it still just too early and too much anxiety to comprehend rn?

    • Neovannii


      I'm studying in Houston. I'm only doing general education atm because im not sure what I want to do yet. I've more so made a lot of acquaintances but I've always had trouble making friends. The whole anxiety thing doesn't help either.

  • dearestdoe


    im in a very similar boat, i just moved out of texas and left behind all my family and everyone i know. if youre able to work, thats a good way to get out a bit, but there are still other ways! if youre living in a dorm, try to be friendly with your roommate or just the other people in your unit; my old dorm would have activity nights every month that were super fun, and a great way to make friends! you can join a campus organization if they have any that youre interested in; sometimes theyll put up postings on boards around campus that offer information on different groups and activities going on. if youre religious in any way, you can join a religious group nearby (whether thats a campus org or just a local temple/church/mosque/etc). thats what im doing in my town, and its actually made me more excited about being here! another thing im doing to meet people is that ive downloaded a dating app. i use hinge (its free, and i actually kinda like it), and if youre not looking for a relationship then you can just specify on your profile that youre new there and looking for friends. just remember to be safe, and always meet someone for the first time in a public space! if you want just basic simple interactions, become a regular somewhere!! when i used to work in pizza delivery, we had a lot of regulars that we'd made a bond with, and we actually had one client come by and give us a gift when he was moving away because he would miss us. theres not a lot of pressure in those interactions, but its a good way to start being social. i really hope you can find yourself a network soon!! i know just how scary and lonely it is to be in a new place all alone, but youve got this!!

  • Blithesome


    Give it time, you will make friends. I cried when I first moved to a new town. I finally found somewhere to volunteer. 👍

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