a while now, right up underneath my left rib cage, bulges out & immense pain starts & slowly feels like iys rolling across my midsection..had few scans keep telling my doctor about it trying to find a gastro ph to see mean time the pain is so unbearable and towards left side under the ribcage still feels like its ballooning out & feels really hard after a while it stops, but its to the point where i just scream & cry & wonder. they say not a hernia ive had many but all the other ones never showed on scans either i just dont know what to do anymore


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  • MaryV


    Thats really does sound like a hernia. Some of them can be very painful.

    • stella54


      had mri on it n didnt show one, although 1st one i had took couple scans before it showed. Kinda odd, that when pain starts the bulging is on side, well was also told you cant get a hernia up that hi towards almost ontop of liver

    • stella54


      thats my feeling im gonna have to keep repeating myself to doctor especially i have had few hernia surgeries probably 4 atleast..

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