i got my first job recently and the stress and anxiety has made staying upright very difficult, especially during "power hour"/rush hour

I think im gonna try to bring gatorade and chips to work to alleviate my symptoms and if that doesn't help I might need to go back on fludrocortisone ?? I like my job, i really dont want to lose it to chronic illness 😭

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)


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  • xylodomicile


    Definitely bring compression socks and request to be able to take a break mid-rush hour!

  • Gigi13


    Hi there! From my experience as a POTSie and coach for pots peeps, foods with chemicals and artificial stuff rob the body of energy, making us more sluggish. (Most POTS people don’t do so well with processed things). I look at food as fuel for the mitochondria. I like LMNT electrolytes and balanced meals with protein, veggies and a gluten free carb such as brown rice to stabilize sugars🤗 I hope you love the new job!

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