Is keppra Xr affecting anyone's cognitive ability severely or could it be the gradual toll that epilepsy has on you?



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  • signature_sauce


    i don’t think it’s affected me in that way. i would definitely say that epilepsy has taken a toll on me though

    • GuitarHero


      is it memory and cognitive related? Most days I'm in a fog or sometimes I think I say something but I actually don't

      • Momx3


        I can’t remember if I’ve said things and end up repeating myself at times. I wonder if it has to do with what part of the brain the seizure is coming from? Or like you said a side effect of the medicine? Or a little of both. I hate when I leave out part of the sentence and they have no idea what I’m talking about. Lol I feel like I have to explain myself sometimes because people look at you like your an idiot.

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