I’m planning on getting top surgery so for those who have gotten it, what is it like?

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  • winny


    i havent personally got it, but my ex did and i took care of them afterwards. he did very well with it, although they put him on oxytocin so he didn’t feel much of the pain at all. really the thing he struggled with most was not being able to shower!

  • Monsignor


    i’m not sure how to describe it personally but i have a high pain tolerance so i had little to no pain at all after the surgery and never had to take any pain reliever for it, sleeping on your back does get uncomfortable but it’s only after a week that you can sort of go back to your normal sleeping patterns. i can try to best describe what i went through i’m going to put a tw just incase. i had to go to a plastic surgeon who took my insurance and specialized in doing gender reassignment surgery, i had to get a letter from my endocrinologist/doctor to send to my insurance company to see if they will pay for it since it is an elective surgery and some places won’t do it, luckily mine did. i had a date scheduled and i was going through massive anxiety waves such as - what if i regret it - what will i do if something bad happens - what if i have an allergic reaction to the anesthesia and i end up dying - what if it comes out looking bad the what ifs were killing me all the way up to the day of surgery and i even tried to back out of it but i’m so glad i didn’t. the day before surgery i had to bathe just my torso in some type of disinfectant soap and do it the morning of my surgery ( which i forgot to do, whoops ) in the hospital i had to send a urine sample to someone to prove that i was healthy and had nothing wrong with me, i was given an entire bottle of some type of anxiety reducer since mine is so bad and then the doctor marked where everything was supposed to be. i had to bathe myself once again with 2 giant like baby wipes for 40 seconds each which just made sure you were extra clean. i was given a nausea patch behind my ear and got to talk to the anesthesiologist who did calm my nerves about being put to sleep. i was then wheeled into the operating room where i don’t remember anything after that, i did go home the same day but was so drowsy that i couldn’t stay awake. i slept for what felt like 2 days before finally regaining some consciousness of where i was, i had 2 drains put in that i had to empty out once every 12 hours and record the amount of fluid from each bulb, ( it was really gross and i would never do it again ) for a week and then got them removed which was the weirdest feeling ever. T-Rex arms are a serious pain same with slouching and not being able to bend that well but ( i did it behind my grandmas back with the help of my mom, she still has no idea ) after a few weeks I developed seroma’s and had to get them drained 3-4 times, i did suffer from bad post-op depression for nearly 3 months. the overall healing process was very simple and easy sort of, having the stitches removed was one of the most painful things that i had to go through during the whole process. i also developed an allergic reaction to the iodine so make sure you have a list of all your allergies before hand if you have any. one thing that also makes the healing process either easier or have a little bit more possible complications are wether or not you’re wanting to keep your nipples, from what i’ve heard people who don’t have them say that the healing process is much easier than what they would have expected it to be, i opted to keep mine as it was part of my vision to have them. one major thing no one talks about is depending on your surgery i had double incision but any type that causes them to make large incision into your skin you’re going to feel a burning sensation roughly about 2-3 months post op, it’s your nerves healing but it’s going to burn, itch and overall just hurt.

    • Monsignor


      oops. following up on that. it’s going to hurt, to me it felt like a burning and itchy pain sort of like heart burn but worse. just a heads up because NO ONE talks about that.

  • WordFile


    I only put gender dysphoria as a tag I’m sorry for those that got this recommended to that this doesn’t relate to due to all the extra tags it added

  • BigDino


    Not too bad! I was able to go back to work with lifting restriction at about two weeks post op. There is a weird dull burning/itching sensation occasionally after a month or so of healing due to nerve connections for sure. I opted for no nipples and then tattooing after the fact (more control over aesthetic, easier healing without grafts to worry about, also I had little to no sensation before hand anyway so I wasn't missing much.) The one thing I wish I'd have done beforehand was BUY A BACK SCRATCHER!!! Not being able to itch my back for weeks drove me NUTS

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