Does anybody hate the month of January or is it just me . I hate all diet adds that come out more . It just triggers me more . Sigh:(

Eating Disorder

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  • CherriePixie


    SO true and everyone talking about dieting as new year’s resolutions

  • DarkPoet3


    I hate it what do you guys do to ignore the stuff

  • Clarianne


    Ugh yes diet culture is so pervasive. I tune it out the best I can with setting time limits on Instagram & TikTok. I find it helpful to remind myself that not engaging with that content will continue to allow me to recover & will contribute to me building a life worth living outside the narrow-mindedness of diet culture. Any society expectation that tells some people they good enough & others they’re not good enough, is not something I want to be a part of. I have to continuously remind myself that. Set boundaries with social media consumption & have a journal nearby for when you get triggers so you can recite affirmations & remind yourself that choosing recovery is not easy, but always worth it! Sending love to you 💛

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