so i’ve had ocd for a while now and been in treatment for a bit. the problem i’ve been left with is how i obsess about very normal things like what i say to people i love and when i say it, if i’m nice enough etc. the problem is that doing exposures for these things actually cause my loved ones to feel hurt sometimes. it makes me feel like i’m going crazy because when i’m compulsion so much with my words and my love and care for people they don’t even know. i just seem like myself. it hurts because the stress and guilt just feels like glitching and i don’t know how i’m supposed to be free from this and just be myself. this is the one thing that i do not feel like i know how to fix. it makes me feel crazy really quickly

Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

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  • HellArcher


    This is exactly like my situation right now, it really sucks, but it always gets better so I feel like the best thing to do is just to wait.

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