Hi , I’m new here my names Brittney & I just turned 26 yesterday (4/14). I’ll just share my story as short as I can , please feel free to comment , give any advice , share your story , anything really .
Trigger warning :⚠️

So 2 years ago I wasn’t really caring about life I never really have until all this happened to me I was always depressed & very self conscious , I wanted to do anything to fit in as usual , we’ll all my friends were doing hard drugs & so I decided I was going to do them too . Long story short , I took it way to far & caused myself to overdose & I started having severe panic attacks pretty much everyday to the point I was terrified to leave my room . I’ve done pretty much everything except therapy & medication to help it .Flash forward to now , I’m anxious a lot & have panic attacks every now & then , so I will say it’s gotten better over time . I have definitely fought hard to get where I’m at now . I really don’t want to be put on medication for it , also going to the doctor makes me anxious lol . So basically , what could I do ? Does anyone else feel this way ? Has anyone else been through this ? Or similar to this .. if you just want to talk about it that’s cool to , ask me anything ! I hope your all blessed & I will send good vibes/ prayers to everyone ! Sorry for such a long post , just figured it would help understand more .

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  • Miouau


    I know it sounds scary but when doctors put us on meds it's because of a chemical imbalance and meds can even the scale

    • Brittknee


      I feel like I’m stronger than this , and having to ask for help makes me feel weak & I don’t like feeling weak .

  • Henrietta


    Hi...I had a traumatized childhood. Had my first panic attack 1991. This was before there was a lot of information around about panic disorder. The best thing I ever did was get into therapy and get diagnosed. Then I went on medication. The hell of having panic 24/7 is way worse than trying medication. Don't give up. Don't box yourself in. Get support. I am ok and I am happy. I don't think about being cured. I think about taking care of myself and living my life.

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