I've discovered I'm likely a system around 2 months ago and I've been struggling with accepting it and self doubt. I'm always scared I'm somehow faking despite the symptoms not being explained by anything else. I guess I just want advice, support, or friends going through something similar.

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  • ValidationSystem


    Hey. I know how you feel. I just shared something about my system in what I thought was a supportive environment and got accused of faking an illness for attention. Just because there are assholes around, doesn't mean you don't actually have a system.

    • ghoulpod


      I've luckily been in mostly validating and helpful spaces. I'm sorry you've dealt with that and thank you <3

  • crescentnebula


    I definitely understand how you feel. Doubt is definitely exacerbated if you don't have a support system, like us. So that's what I'd recommend! Feel free to reach out to us if you need anything :)

    • ghoulpod


      I (host, core) actually don't remember posting this but I'm slowly opening up to family about it and my bf is very supportive. He even tries to reach out to my other parts when I'm trying to ignore/deny their co consciousness (this is helpful for us personally!). Thank you, I'm bad at reaching out bc anxiety but I appreciate this ❤️

  • Veesgreengarden


    Honestly those who doubt themselves the most tend not to be faking. Especially with how inconvenient the disorder is. Self doubt is a real killer and demotivating as heck. Just have faith that you know yourself it also helps to interact with people just like you.

  • Melodie_sys


    well we've done alot of research to try to narrow down it wasnt something else and talking to old friends and family really helped too because they helped us realize there had been several host changes and times that mustve explained our otherwise strange reactions to things but I (host) have also thought/worried I was faking alot too so I understand and ig those were some things that helped me though I still worry abt it I hope I explained this ok😅

  • Tamaki


    The whole ‘I’m faking it’ thing is a normal feeling for systems to experience. It’s the nature of the disorder and the fact that it tries to hide itself in order to protect the person. It rips a piece of how you form thoughts, emotions and your identity, so it only makes sense for it to be confusing. Try to remember that faking is something you really have to be trying to do consciously in most cases!

  • GoldenSystem


    Hey, we went through that in 2020, we had a lot of time to ourselves and yeah, the host and ex-host still feel like we're faking sometimes, but we're here if you need something 🤗

  • Gluchie


    I just recently found out that I might be a system as well. I struggle with doubting too, as well as feeling like my trauma wasn’t enough. Just know that you’re not alone.

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