do strawberries irritate anyone else has acid reflux? it bums me out cuz I really enjoy chocolate covered strawberries but even when I take Tums it doesn't help


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  • Kaislyn


    Strawberries are one of the few things I can eat with acid reflux, chocolate is what kills me!

  • VeggieSandwichQueen


    It could be both the strawberries and the chocolate unfortunately :( strawberries have a pretty low pH (3.0-3.5) and chocolate is a big acid trigger for a lot of folks (me included😭)

    • Alex1357


      i eat chocolate all the time and thankfully it doesnt trigger it. Ive even tried a plain strawberry same issue. I also have this issue with eggs. Boiled, scrambled doesnt matter. Heartburn in minutes.

  • Imaginary813


    It’s so weird how people with this issue have different trigger foods. For me I can’t have bananas or grapes, or avocados, they give me an excruciating stomach ache. Most other fruits are fine but I have to be careful around any fruit. Even tomatoes are iffy . My best advice is to just avoid the trigger foods instead of doing damage control later. I know it sucks tho.

  • SkyRaven


    20 mg 2x a day of famotidine and it helps.

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