so does anyone else's anxiety cause them to completely malfunction during confrontation? I work as a receptionist and sometimes if there's a rude client on the phone I'm helping, I start to like hyperventilate. my heart just pounds in my chest and I can't even think straight to tell them to calm down or calm myself down. is this a symptom of a panic disorder? even face to face (which is worse) I just completely shut down and cry standing there. but now my self awareness is completely frazzled because I look like a cry baby. To make it all better, I struggle with calming down a lot. I tend to dwell WAY too long and hours later I'm still just not okay. what's wrong with me? lol

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  • dusktopia


    I have panic attacks and anxiety and I do the same thing and was called manipulative for it 😥 I understand completely

    • Emeandor


      yeah I know the feeling of being called manipulative because of my panic disorder. I've lost relationships due to it

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