I have so many acne scars from picking at my face. I constantly run my hands all over my face, scalp, the back of my neck, my shoulders and shoulder blades, and my collarbone looking for skin to pick and when I haven't found any, I've scratched my hand so much that there's a sizable scar. That hasn't happened too often because I try to refrain so people don't ask questions, but it's gotten to be a problem. I have dried blood in my hair and my skin hurts because I do it so much. I'm sure that it's not as bad as it sounds, but I still wish I didn't do it.

Dermatitis factitia

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  • aevyn


    I get exactly how you feel. I was trying to watch my favorite movie today but ended up just running my hands all over my back, shoulders and face to find stuff to pick. When I had done all I could in those areas, I proceeded to make every si gle one of my fingers bleed. I was laying down while doing this, and when the movie ended there was a literal pile of skin pieces on my chest. I was so disgusted and ashamed.

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