Did anyone else feel super alien and disconnected from their peers starting in early childhood? I remember always knowing something was a little off.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • pleasedontlookatme


    yeah! absolutely. I remember there was a ton of miscommunications that happened that were kind of interpreted as quirky. my quietness was always me being "shy" but I was actually a really outgoing kid. i always felt super disconnected from my peers though, it felt like there was never the same unspoken understanding that everyone else seemed to have, and it was lonely for sure.

  • Bearbear


    Haha yeah I was the same. Quiet as a mouse in elementary and middle school, gained confidence in high school and now I dont know when to stop talking….

  • pleasedontlookatme


    yeah! i gained a ton of confidence when i was 16, and made a few connections and now all I do is talk around them. but now I don't have that same confidence to make more friends which is frustrating lmao.

  • castiel


    Definitely lol. I was so different and cut off from other kids that i was convinced i was a mythical creature (werewolf to be exact). Ive also largely identified with robots since i was little, because they felt like me

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