Does it bother you guys how often these kids on tik toks are faking having dissociative identity disorder? It makes me so mad and feel like no one takes it seriously to live with such a struggle and Brain fog They are self diagnosing

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  • beingnotseeming


    Honestly bothers me more when people wanna fakeclaim🤷🏽

    • beingnotseeming


      Also professional diagnosis isn’t available to everyone and certainly not in a timely manner. As complex as this disorder is researched self dx is valid.

      • KitsuPan


        this is how we started to realize that we are a system. We just thought we were very forgetful. Sometimes it takes someone describing what they go through in order to do research. We did research for over 2 years before discussing the possibility of diagnosis with our therapist. Self diagnosis is the first step for advocating for yourself. There are those that fake it, but that it between themselves and their doctors.

  • theclouds


    Yes yes yes

  • gullybogger


    makes me so upset. they are silly to watch sometimes. and very interesting

  • Minecraftbros54


    Nope, but I'm also on TikTok and openly talk about having DID so... I started off self-diagnosing(after tons of research).

  • BunnieGutz


    There's nothing wrong with self-diagnosing. Also DID can develop as early as 5-6 years old

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