I was diagnosed with pseudoseizures in high school after having them almost everyday for a year out of no where. Did this happen to anyone else? There were no symptoms beforehand, it just happened and hasn't stopped since.

Psychogenic non epileptic seizure

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  • Casper2002


    Ik the feeling of having them it's suck it hurt so bad. I when I am having a conversations where I'm not stressed out and then suddenly I start seizuring and I just drop I've been going through this before I was 12 I think am here. If wanna talk about it

  • PicklesTheCat


    Omg yes, mine started right after I graduated high school with seemingly no trigger at all

  • RavenJord


    Mine started after a car accident and I was finally diagnosed this year. It sucks when it hits randomly in adulthood after not having them all your life.

  • Boo2004


    I was neurotypical till about 2 years ago and started having around 100 a day it has gone down the number I have had a day but it's still really hard.

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