hi, I have a really hard time finding friends, I have been diagnosed with depression and anxiety. but my main issue is fear of rejection, and it's so bad that I reject myself for them. if anybody has any tips on making friends, or wanting to be friends let me know. I'll also put my snap in the comments if you wanna be friends, but message me saying it's from here or I'll be confused and never talk😂

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • mcpin3appl3


    Can I be one of your friends?

  • KowaiYumee


    I struggle with this too, and I think that the thing that has helped me the most is trying to reduce the amount of oversharing I do. I tend to overshare about myself in hopes that the person will realized I'm not suited for them and walk away right there before I get attached. However if I limit my oversharing, it's easier to make friends and try to keep them without things going sideways

  • Ravena


    I used to have a very hard time making friends too. I was afraid of being rejected. What I eventually did was just force myself to put myself out there, even if I was scared. I realized that if someone rejects you from being their friend, they probably wouldn’t be a great friend anyway. Most people are kind and chill, and I’m sure you’ll find friends, even when you don’t think you will. You got this! I hope what I said was helpful. I’m willing to be your friend too! Feel free to dm me!

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