Kind of just a vent. I moved to where I am about 7 years ago - my last year of highschool. During that time I never got into any cliques or made any friends. I've had a relationship, but it went down in flames. An old friend did move out here and we reconnected and they eventually confessed their feelings for me. The day after we sat down they regretted the decision and much to my despair we drifted apart.

I am comfortable in my loneliness. At least I think I am. It would be nice to share with someone, though.


Social Anxiety

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  • Heather21


    I don't know much about moving but I've lost friends along my way, my best friend moved into a group home in a different town than were I live and I haven't heard from her since may1, her mom takes phones away from her just as fast as she gets them.

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