Hii ppl of Alike, If any you are type 1 diabetic then what is the most heathy way to treat highs/lows Im asking this question for my dad, he's struggling with loosing weight and he treats his highs/lows with soda, and I personally think that soda isn't the healthy-est option. I just want some recommendations if you can please!

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  • Brooke.pilch


    Hi there! With low blood sugar I always try to treat with glucose tablets! You can order them on Amazon! Since I am not a doctor, I cannot tell how many "points" each gram of carbohydrates will bring your dad up by, but for me, 15 grams of carbs will bring my blood sugar up by 15-30 points, usually 30! So if my blood sugar drops to 70 and I eat 15 grams worth of glucose tablets, I will rise to 100 most of the time! Another good way is to buy apple or orange juice! It is a more natural form of sugar! Usually 4oz-8oz based on the juice and based on your dad's blood sugar will do the trick! I hope this helps! If you have any questions, feel free to message me!

  • Brooke.pilch


    High blood sugar is solved with medication (whether it is insulin or pills) based on whatever type of diabetes he is diagnosed with, exercise and a very healthy diet is the best way to take care of it! Best of luck to you and your family! I know the support of my family is so helpful, he is so lucky to have you!!!

  • emiIy


    honestly sugar is sugar. some types affect your liver more, some types less, but its not going to make a difference in losing weight. just avoid over-treating and maybe allocate 100calories of your calorie budget for hypo treatment. consuming water and excercising (such as walking) can help to lower bg but insulin is usually needed as well, so you can try half the usual correction dose with a 30min(or longer) walk (excercise helps the body to use insulin more efficiently)

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