How to help with low libido caused by your SSRIs? I have an amazing partner and I just haven't been quite satisfied or I find myself taking a while to "get into the mood." I don't want this to damage our relationship.


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  • GenderlessGoose


    I've been struggling with this as well. I've been on 2 different anti-depressants for going on 5 years now I think and my libido hasn't been the same since. do you find that it fluctuates, or is it just overall lower?

    • Vanz


      it fluctuates sometimes but its overall not pleasing to experience. I want to enjoy having intimate times with my partner

      • GenderlessGoose


        I feel the same way. with my adhd I'm not proud to admit but sometimes I'll forget to take my meds for a few days and I'll genuinely notice an increase in my libido, so it's frustrating to know that it really could be higher, but it would mean not taking my meds which isn't good either. I want to enjoy time with my partner, but sometimes I just feel so uninterested that I feel guilty

  • thefloorislava


    Kimda weird-I used to just have my vibrator in my underwear for like 20 mins before like starting actual foreplay. It was kinda like letting my vagina and the chemicals in brain get me in the mood lol. Also heated lube

  • gurspaceport


    For me it just takes a while to warm up to it, I guess? You've got to let yourself adjust and get comfortable with it before you really start.

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