any recommendations for ready-made meals that are cheap? I really stuggle with choosing food for myself as well as having motivation to eat/make a meal.

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  • SoxyWoxy


    My go to is always lunchables. When I can't bring myself to make myself something (even in the microwave) I go with a couple of lunchables. If I feel up to the microwave, I eat easy mac and the devour brand frozen meals are pretty good. If you can cook, I have a few very quick and easy meals you can make. I know that not every day is a cooking day though. So just message me if you want any of those. I will happily give you any recipe you want. Good luck my friend.

  • Ashcookie


    You can always buy rice that comes in a microwave bowl and all you have to do is microwave it. Then you can add in some canned beans and veggies and that's a healthy meal already! That's what I do for lunch everyday or you can always make a simple oatmeal with fruit on top and some nuts for protein!

  • Neverlandgirl


    Trader joes has a lot of good frozen meal options and a large variety of the types of food, you only need a microwave or oven/stove to make(from all the ones I've had they'll have instructions for both methods).

  • Moolies


    I’m currently living off of soup & freezer food, soup is one of the easiest for me because I just microwave it and then put it in a hot flask for the day, microwave rice and then ready cooked chicken mixed with a bit of your favourite sauce is the best!

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