Has anyone else tried the Delta 8 form of cannabis? It seems like I've been doing better since I first tried/started using it in October, but I'm not sure whether that's just a coincidence or if it's actually been helpful. Curious to hear other experiences!

(side note: on the off chance this makes someone want to try it, make sure you're getting it from an established CBD store with solid reviews and that they have the lab reports available so you know it's legit and not made with anything harmful)

Generalized pain

Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome (POTS)

Chronic Generalized pain

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  • Nova.Maria


    It’s helped me a lot with my issues except I vomit a lot now but it’s worth it if everything else is better

  • myo


    i use a d8 disposable daily!

  • elyse


    yes, much better than other forms of thc. gives me more pain relief at lower doses and helps curb some of the actual “high” affects of regular weed, which i appreciate because sometimes i’m using it in order to bring me to a functional level of pain and have stuff to do besides just being high

  • cryptic


    it helped with pain but WOW was i more dizzy than ever! i might have had way too much? it was my first time 😂

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