I was wondering if anyone else has their CRPS occur several times and then go away. Since I was about 10 I've had it after injuries about once every two years ranging from lasting two months, to around two years. I was also recently diagnosed with an underactive parasympathetic nerves system, which affects my ADHD, Anxiety, and explains some of the CPRS pain.
I feel like if I were less clumsy my CPRS wouldn't be as bad, but I also don't want to live my life wrapped in bubble wrap just to avoid a flare up.

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  • Skwittles_22


    CRPS can absolutely go into periods of remission. Can be days, weeks, months, years. I started having symptoms after my first knee injury at 13, sadly 3 surgeries later I was finally dx (and 17 years later), and am now in constant pain. Weather, certain foods, over activity and stress still cause flares that often result in hospitalization. I’d KILL for remission.

  • thereadingturtle


    My lord. I was walking with a cane last year. When I'm having a flare up, the pain feels never ending but in a predicable kind of way. Pain happens you know? But when I'm in remission I have this near constant anxiety wondering if today is the day it will come back.

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