I've always been open with my employers about my mental health.... this one has been causing a lot of stress and dissociative episodes and a panic attack.... and then when I tried to process and still be productive DURING said panic attack, they told me they didn't need me doing that work and if I wasn't going to do actual work I need to clock out and go home.... but I need to do the paperwork at some point or another.... and instead of completely not doing anything during a breakdown, I tried to stay out of the way and still get work done that I knew I could handle at the moment....
they keep saying that personal stuff like that isn't supposed to be brought to work and that I should have spent that time of "not doing work" another time, like on my own personal time..... I can't reschedule a panic attack....


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  • Evilwerewolves2


    Go to a therapists office and do a new evaluation (if you're not currently in therapy, if you are ask your therapist to write the note for ya) and ask if they could write a note to your employer stating that in case of an episode it tells them what to do and to expect some performance drop off from you. If you're in the states you can sue if they ignore a medical note from a employee's doctor, or if they discriminate based off of your mental illnesses. (Therapist does work for this also if you're in school)

    • Evilwerewolves2


      But I'd start looking for a new job bc they don't seem to value you there.

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