How were you all diagnosed with PCOS? I was diagnosed ~7 years ago with a blood test alone. No treatment has helped (I take Spiro and BC, and can’t tolerate Metformin). Ive gained a lot of weight since then (even though I was really active in college) and i rarely ever get a period. I’m wondering if it may be something else, since there is so much overlap with CAH and hypothyroidism. I’ve never had anything but a blood test run and I’m curious as to what tests doctors done to confirm your diagnosis? (My insulin is good but even on BC testosterone is very high.)



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  • BRollins8


    I was diagnosed 8 years ago. Take spironolactone, metformin, insulin and have mirena. I’ve lost weight but it’s mostly because my sugar levels have gotten better. Nothing really seems to help

  • guppysoup


    Very interesting. My blood sugar has never been elevated during blood tests or at home (I’ve down my own glucose monitoring as an experiment), so I struggle to find what works. I had an ED and try so hard to not fall into bad behaviors, but I want to get healthy and it’s tough!

  • BRollins8


    It’s really tough. I’m a type 1 diabetic as well so pcos has definitely made keeping them down a struggle.

  • oblivesce


    I was diagnosed via transvaginal ultrasound, with visibly polycystic ovaries, but I know that's not necessarily always the case in PCOS

  • spoonie93


    I had been having really heavy periods, lots of pain, and bleeding for weeks at a time. I was diagnosed by transvaginal ultrasound and my doctor found lots of cysts in both ovaries. I had blood tests to check hormone levels and those were abnormal also. I've also had issues with lots of weight gain but I do have hypothyroidism and I know that is a big contributing factor for me. I have an IUD and that has definitely helped. I rarely ever have periods now and that has really helped with the pain.

  • happydesert


    Hello! I was diagnosed earlier this year after having an absent period for six months. My doc did a pelvic ultrasound and blood test. The whole thing has been so discouraging but I have managed to get my cycles to 40-50 days with normal bleeding, ovulation, and no sever symptoms using nutrition and supplements. I’m noticing mine is very triggered by stress

  • Dhadhu


    I had an ultrasound done totally unrelated and it shows multiple cysts on both ovaries. Doctors overlooked that. I studied nursing and while cleaning my dorm room I found my ultrasound and saw the cysts and went to get another one and talk to the doctor. My glucose levels are normal. My periods are normal. I have excessive hair growth on my face and so my doctor said to take metformin 1500mg daily. I'm still gaining weight though. Of course not everyone is the same. So basically it all happened by chance.

  • lily234


    Definitely get tested and treated if necessary for hypothyroidism, I have both that and PCOS and it commonly occurs together

  • bravoholic


    i was diagnosed with an ultrasound that clearly showed pcos as well as persistent symptoms like irregular period, weight gain, hair thinning on the head but growing elsewhere. I do however also have a thyroid problem. they do overlap quite a bit but it’s definitely important to check that as well.

  • Mysteria


    I was diagnosed when I was in 8th grade as as I started growing sideburns- ans boom ultrasound confirmed it. I haven’t found many solutions to make anything better though, it’s a thought condition

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