what are good fidget toys to get?

Attention-Deficit Disorder

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  • NoelFromHell


    Depends on if you prefer squishy things or more plastic things I guess? I really like stress balls or anything like putty and slime, but I also really like the tangles!

  • dogdad13


    My coworker got this therapy putty to use for pt after a hand injury, and it's super fun to play with, it's like a tougher silly putty. He usually leaves it at the desk and I'm always messing with it while I'm on calls

  • chespinches


    I prefer pop it balls over any other fidget tool but fidget spinners are also fantastic. It really depends on your sensory needs, I don't like slime or putty as it's a sensory nightmare for me. Other people love it though

  • LuluLunaWolf


    For me personally I use the pop it toys preferably a softer one the harder ones just don't set right and a fidget cube I find to be the most effective

  • Rodent


    I recommend Fidget Cubes. I have mine with me everywhere I go just incase I need to focus on something important

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