Has anyone tried Botox for your migraines? If so how was your experience and do you recommend. My order gets to my doctor next Tuesday. A little nervous but also having high hopes this might work

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  • Kayaker3


    I started with Botox injections for migraines a few years ago and it was totally worth it. Complete game changer in taking away my headaches. I hope you have the same success.

    • Jesseglamorous


      thank you!! 💕

  • Ack


    I also had Botox for several years, and the monthly aimovig 140… the combo has helped me enormously in the intensity but not in the frequency… I still have pain 24/7 but my trips to ER are less as now I’m able to control it at home

  • HopeWarrior


    I have done Botox three times. It’s helped and I’m using imitrex also. I can’t take certain medications my Covid doctor is doing an autonomic system overhaul. There is also a reimbursing program for the actual Botox. You can find the info on the internet.

  • grandlady


    YES! JUST DO IT! The affect is cumulative also. So each application works better over time with consistency. Good luck. I really believe it will help.

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