Does anyone avoid certain foods that can flair ups in how you feel?


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  • SmokeyWillow


    I'm not aware of which foods cause flareups. And I should be. 😥

  • Scarlettrose


    I wasn't aware either. What foods might trigger it?

  • Musickel


    If I eat gluten free grains I bloat and don’t feel that great.

  • Designhero


    Gluten and dairy are huge triggers for me so I avoid them but I’ve noticed I feel crummy with grains in general as well as raw veggies. As odd as it sounds, I felt my absolute best eating only meat but it dropped my blood pressure too much and I couldn’t figure out how to resolve that. It’s too bad because everything else cleared up, lost all the hypothyroid weight and more, felt clear headed, had energy again, etc.

  • ColdinCalifornia


    I loosely follow AIP. It has helped a lot. When I est foods that aren't on the list, it really sets me back.

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