I’ll get these spinning sensation attacks when I lay down or move my head too fast. All signs point to the crystals getting lodge up there, but it seems to only happen when my allergy congestion is high and I have a migraine. But sometimes the ears are affected first before any other migraine symptoms.

I just want to be able to lay down in my bed and not feel dizzy. I remember this happening to me when I was around 6-14. So maybe it is an ear issue caused by allergies. Ears also feel full and hurt sometimes.

Sometimes I think it’s an Eustachian tube distinction.

Feeling exhausted though. Any thoughts would help!



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  • Christie86


    Hi. Have u gone to see an ear doctor to have ur ears check since u said it starting with your ears then go see the doctor about your head for they can run some tests

  • MichealB


    That happens to me when my sinuses are congested. Usually some good allergy meds and nasal spray helps but if that doesn't work I would see your doctor

  • MidwestGirl13


    I’ve been to the ENT so many times. Find nothing wrong with my ears and each time diagnosis me with ETD. But I also went to neurologist explaining my symptoms and he just chalked it up to migraines. Not finding the problem and wanted to prescribe me drugs. It might be a combination of migraines (auras I get) and sinus congestion. It’s just so frustrating these last couple weeks. I mean allergies have been bad. So… 🫠

  • Kirky


    I'm sorry to hear that, it is tough. I have been dealing with dizziness for over a year now. Done all of the tests, seen all of the doctors, still here. If its BBPV, which you are leaning towards, the epley maneuver can help. Also going to vestibular rehab can really help. It helped me. My dizziness is coming from my neck and impacting my vestibular system some how. Every night since April 2021 has been like I'm on a rocking ship. It sucks. But if you haven't already, magnesium, chamomile, and any other muscle relaxers can help with balance or vertigo issues. 🙏

  • Agoraphoby3


    Oh that's vertigo

  • fleshpit


    If you're ears are hurting and your allergies are bad, you probably have a sinus infection. I'm prone to ear infections. If it's bad enough to make you dizzy, you should see the doctor and get antibiotics. If you also have a soar throat as well, it's definitely an infection. Look at the back of your throat, if it's red with two white spots where your tonsils are located, it's an infection.

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