Lately my anxiety has been getting worse ESPECIALLY at school, and I’ve been having anxiety attacks almost daily and extreme headaches and muscle pain I take medication but it doesn’t help that much, does anyone know how to cope at school and help suppress them?


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  • marsmercedes


    when i get anxiety attacks and freak outs like that at school i ask for the bathroom or to see guidance and attempt to calm myself down there, other times i try to do breathing exercises to get myself thinking straight again 🤗

  • Aloo


    Get a good morning and night practice that’ll help you calm your mind and body. CBG gummies or oil will help with the anxiety, headaches, and body pain

  • srabelle


    i used to bring hard candy to school to try and ground myself as well as a small piece of soft fabric in my pocket for self soothing ! some fidget toys might work, anything you can use to ground yourself in reality or distract yourself in a quiet controlled way as to not distract others or get yourself in trouble!

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