does anyone else have the issue of trying to balance conversation with not over sharing too much but also not being unresponsive? i don’t want to seem weird and uninterested when speaking to other people and it’s just really hard for me to figure out what i need to appropriately say.

Social Anxiety

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  • cotorturi


    I also have that issue. I'm still not able to balance it myself, but i find that just responding on instinct usually works. But then again, it is our instincts that gave us social anxiety 😕

  • Stronger_Now


    I feel the same but I say practice makes perfect. Maybe start out with family and then move on the friends.

  • D3stiny


    This happens to me. Usually with my friends. I’m usually the quiet one in the group because I feel like any piece of information I share about myself is considered over sharing. Take your time to open up to small things, and go for bigger things. Most importantly, take your time while doing it.

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