i was wondering if there are any vitamins or supplements that people recommend taking to help their lupus or symptoms of lupus (brain fog, joint pain, fatigue, ect.)?

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  • kab


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  • TrixNY


    Meds- I’m taking hydroxychloroquine. They’ve had me on a bunch of different pain meds, but they either cause water retention, headaches, or do nothing to help the joint pain. Would love recs for meds. As for supplements- I take 10000 iu of vit D. That’s not a typo. 10k daily. Glucosamine and magnesium citrate (helps with GI inflammation I have because of SLE). I also have an Rx for 10mg of Adderall daily which has helped tremendously with brain fog and I think all SLE patients should have this as an option. I had to insist on it, and I’m glad I did. I thought I was losing my mind, could barely finish a sentence I started my mind would wander so much. It is also obvious the minute it wears off - as if my brain was Cinderella’s carriage and then it’s a pumpkin again. Good luck!

  • CherieAmour


    I feel you the fatigue is the worst part of it all especially the brain fog.

  • emilie_b


    i’m currently on a whole bunch of vitimans! i take a multivitamin, 135 mg of iron, 500 mcg b12, and 500 mg vitiman c. those are the ones that are targeted to my fatigue and pain. i would always talk to your doctor and see if they recommend others but those might be something to look into

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