I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia seven years ago. It seems like I’m getting worse and worse every year. Can anyone relate??

Fibromyalgia (FM)

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  • Chesbro99


    I haven't had it long enough to know. But it scaries me.

  • ghastly


    YES my flares come and go so bad, I had to double my dosage. talk to a doctor about it tho! Does nothing to suffer in silence ❤️

  • Mlric7


    Absolutely! I was just diagnosed so I can only imagine what you are going through 🥺

  • CourageGurl1219


    I let my doctors know when something doesn’t feel right or if I’m hurting more than usual. I have different kinds of doctors to help with my needs. I am vocal about my chronic illness. But they can only do so much.

  • whitephantom


    I was diagnosed at 9 years old. I am now 29. For me, it’s gotten worse. I’m sorry, I wish I could give better news.

  • Marciella


    I’ve had it for about three years now, its gotten worse since. I’m scared that it’ll keep getting worse. Im young, but at this rate I probably will be unable to work by the time i’m 30.

  • jlove88


    I've been diagnosed since 2015. I have many ups and downs with it. I have learned how to listen to my body. It's hard but it has helped me. A lot of foods I eat and activities I perform can make the flare ups come and go. My flare ups seems worse when I eat sugary, starchy, dairy, and fatty foods. Weight gain and stress also plays a significant part with my flare ups. If I start eating green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, the flare ups tend to ease up.

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