any tips on how to eat when just looking at food makes you feel sick to the stomach? I get nausea when I don't eat but the thought of food alone gives me the same feeling. I've gone from almost achieving three meals a day to barely being able to finish one.

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  • carter._.16


    I felt like that all the time about a year ago. The best thing to do is start a bland diet. So think rice, grains stuff like that. Even like cheerios or rice cakes would be good. It sucks so bad when your stomach doesn't want food, but it's something you learn to work with. And if you can, try to get into a gi doctor. They'll be able to give you a regimen that will work for you

    • goblin49


      I agree! I get nauseated from my IBS, and I have a few "safe foods" that I always go with when I'm not feeling the best. I would suggest finding something that takes v little prep work and is plain but you can enjoy. I really like these microwave rice things (the brand I usually get is Tasty Bite) or like simple smoothies/smoothie bowls.

  • Dionysus429


    I usually go for liquids then, a smoothie or protein or nutritional shake helps ๐Ÿ‘

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