hey cool! I started on Latuda last night and not only did I get to sleep at a reasonable time, I slept all the way through. I'm a little lightheaded, but that isn't a major problem. I was told that I might have some side effects at first, but they'll go away as my body gets used to it.



Bipolar Disorder

Latuda • Type: Oral


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  • faerywyrm


    Latuda can make dizziness bad. Watch out for falls, and remember to eat with your meds. I am glad you're getting your sleep and are doing well.

    • Hatchytt


      yeah it's pretty mild, but my psychiatrist is starting me on a half a 40 mg tablet a day. I tend to have bad reactions to medication, so starting off a bit slower is probably for the best.

      • faerywyrm


        yes... starting slow is the best, especially with a med like Latuda. Be careful if the side effects get worse

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