Anyone get random period-like cramps about a week and a half before your period is supposed to come? It's definitely not pregnancy related (no sex since last period), and not birth control related (not on any hormonal bc). I'm wondering if it's my meds? I'm on Lexapro, Seriquel, and Benzotropin (sorry for misspelling)

anyone have similar symptoms on these or other migraine/depression/anxiety meds?


Anxiety (Including GAD)

Urinary Tract infection

Chronic Migraine



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  • giragitsprj


    I do, I have and I don’t really think it’s my meds. By perhaps it’s the condition which affects hormones in general?

  • giragitsprj


    But I have to say, I’ve wondered about endo or something like that… but not dx’d, just a thought… it’s notoriously under-diagnosed in general

    • MBethJ


      I thought Endo, but it wasn't very painful, and come and went for a few days then it was gone. Maybe a minor urinary tract infection?

  • spookyspoonie


    Endo is incredibly common and can be very mild & cause minimal symptoms. A large percentage of people don't even know they have it because they don't have symptoms. It could definitely be other things, but just letting you know that mild to moderate symptoms for a few days isn't unheard of

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