Hello, my nick name is ZC. I have been dealing with Bipolar, 2000

Bipolar Disorder

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  • goobieboobie


    Welcome to the club. I was diagnosed in 1991 at 12 years old. It really sucks doesn't it. I just joined the group a couple days ago and it has been nice to have people who get it. My husband tries but can't truly get it since he doesn't have it. One of my biggest fears is that eventually he is going to get fed up and leave me. Hell if I could leave me I would. 20 years into our marriage and I have worried about it since day one. Anyway nice to virtually meet you. Lol

  • LaDayna


    I was diagnosed with bipolar in 1970. No medication was allowed in my family then because of great grandfather.....thank God. So I got to beat up cars in a wrecking yard with an 8 pound sledge hammer for 3 years. Grades at school improve a lot.

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