I have long covid or post covid it have been very hard to deal with for the last 3 months every day have been a struggle I want to know how to cope with it what can I do to make it easier




Generalized pain


Muscle weakness

Chronic Headache

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  • Another_Joe


    I have had long Covid since January. What are your symptoms? Most people recommend going on a low histamine diet and start taking H1 and H2 blockers. But it is different for everyone. Instagram has a very good community of long haulers you can talk to for support.

  • Jayflo82


    Headaches, chest pain, body aches, Stomach pain, dizziness, fatigue, muscle weakness, elevator heart rate

    • Monie30


      I had this in 2020 it will heal fast just take your vitamins and eat healthy try to get out when u can.

  • Another_Joe


    Definitely try a low histamine diet. Talk with your doctor about trying H1 and H2 blockers. Get on Instagram make a long covid account if you want to then follow all the people I follow. I’ll message you my long Covid gram. It really helps to see other people’s stories and to be able to talk to people about their experiences and how they tackle them. For me the pain changes weekly. So I always know that the pain in temporary. My heart rate got better over time and now only acts up when I eat sometimes not always. There are others I follow much more experienced with your symptoms on instagram.

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