I just go diagnosed with severe anxiety about a year ago, before it was just I'd get angry shopping and if anyone was with me I'd be rude to them (example - of course I don't want that, can you walk faster?, are we almost done? etc.) now I get arm numbness, I can't speak, feel like I'm not breathing right, extreme exhaustion, blurred vision. I got over the racing heart and chest tightness but I get it occasionally. I'm curious if anyone else is like this? if I don't take medicine and go to bed it will not get better. still waiting on an everyday medication and I'm worried about my interview tomorrow as I had a panic attack yesterday.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • ThatChillGuy


    Our symptoms are damn near the same. I was diagnosed late last year with severe anxiety and it sucks. Suffered from racing thoughts of my death, increased heart rate, blurred vision, tingling im my arm, cried a lot, not eating, and cheat pains. I def understand what your going through. What really helped me out a lot was staying at my mom's house for a little while. Staying in the place where i grew up helped since i always think about the past. Also both my parent's we're very supportive.

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