Does anyone else always feel on edge, heart pounding, teary eyed yet incredibly tired, and anxious? I need to know if someone else is wrong with me or if I need to see someone.

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Amos_P


    Sounds like anxiety to me. Comes on from no where.

  • curlyhairedazalie


    Definitely not alone. I feel hyper/on edge & tired at the same time a lot.

  • Cam99


    Your not alone, ive felt that way very often. I wasn't diagnosed with any kind of anxiety disorder until I was 22 and my whole life before that I never thought I had it. It can come from nowhere, definitely talk to your doctor about it if you feel like that could help.

  • savancex


    I feel the same way too sometimes! I have to try and calm myself down when that happens.

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