I know I should be checking my blood sugar but the problem is I don't like pricking my finger; especially with my condition with missing three lymph nodes on one arm. And since I am always on the computer putting my finger... Definitely break the mood. how do you cope with that?

Diabetes Type 2 (T2D)

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    Speak to your doctor maybe they can put you on the thing the checks your blood in your arm with your phone

  • KtKat1


    I'm the same way. Honestly? I don't. They check my a1c every 3 months, give me a stern I should check it, and that's it. I tried the arm thing, (expensive). But it never stayed on more than a day. I'm working up to maybe at least checking here and there, but I just hate it.

  • MommaJo


    I've been doing finger sticks for 12 years Big deal.If it helps me curb my A1C,then,I'll do it Learn where it's the easiest. I was in the hospital around Christmas so last year,and,I noticed,they were sticking the side of my fingers,not the middle tip,ect.Works better

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