I have been struggling with who I am for years and this has caused me to be behind people my age, in terms of having friends and going out. I feel alone and I am at home all of the time. How do I become more normal and do things like other 20 year olds??

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Generalized pain

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  • RattleBalls


    Im 20 as well, and i can understand how bad it can feel, where all you see is darkness and you cant move a muscle becuase everything is moving so fast and all you want is your mind in tact. Most of the time i feel okay, but i never know if im outside of the tornado, or in the eye of thr storm. The thing that i realised for me personally at least, was that i needed to allow myself to cry. It might sound strange but before 6 months ago i never could cry. When the thing happend 6m ago, it broke me and i couldnt stop myself from crying because i was in so much pain. For the first time i didnt have anything blocking my emotions from coming out and it felt good. I dont know the answer but DM me if you want to talk about whatever.

  • Fleetwood


    Maybe try online you can find your people 🤗

  • GirlBob


    I downloaded an app called Boo and I've made some good friends through there. It's a little nerdy with its Notifications (which I love i.e. dnd, LOTR, hp, etc.) It is also a dating app but you set it to friends and only people looking for friends can see you. You can also filter to only see men/women/nonbinary. It's great and the profiles are pretty in-depth too.

  • Kaelin


    Bumble BFF, online communities related to your interests, and going out (alone or with friends) to do the things you enjoy will have you meeting lots of new people.

  • Mysteria


    Look into community events and stuff like that near you! Start going out- even if alone. I made my current friendgroup by going out to small Asian restaurant and talking to one of the guys that worked there. Now I have a big group of friends I hang with every Tuesday:)

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