tw appetite, restrictive food intake/ED (latter is in second paragraph, but you can skip that one; it’s not necessary to read that part)

Does anyone else find themselves with zero appetite during autistic burnout? It’s different than my completely forgetting to eat because of ADHD. And with the burnout, it’s so difficult to get myself to eat anything. (Gods, the fatigue from ND burnout is horrid….) My mom often helps me out, but she is disabled in many ways, herself, so she can’t always, and I also hate asking her because of that (and because of ~trauma~). If you experience this, how do you approach it? Telling myself all the reasons I need to get something doesn’t work. I try to keep nutrition shakes by my bed so I can have some kind of sustenance, but I’ve had no money lately to get those…. :/

It’s worse for me in the sense that it triggers my eating disorder something awful. Especially when I get hungry enough that even the interoception difficulties don’t interfere anymore. I’ve always liked the feeling of being hungry. And it brings back the good feelings I got when I was deep in my ED and took a twisted sort of pride in the side-effects, like constipation, not being able to think clearly or speak coherently, constantly being lightheaded…. Frustrating. I hate how eating disorder recovery is lifelong.


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