Hi everyone,

I’ve been struggling with IBS for years. However lately has been a real rough patch. I have a hard time digesting any food, even my “safe” foods. I’m really hoping I get a more conclusive answer after my endoscopy soon but I just feel so down about it. How do y’all cope with not being able to eat/dealing with sadness about having IBS? Most my loved ones don’t understand the struggle.

Have a good day 🥰

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)

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  • Nowon


    I saw a promotional show about Dr Kellyann. I’m considering her recommendations. Fast for a week to clear out the cut. Only drinking homemade smoothies and bone broth. I inherited from my Mom my IBS. She suffers with a very severe daily misery. Candidas cleansing might be part of the recommendation that I read on this site. Support of your family is imperative!

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