Hi, it’s been a few years since i’ve had health insurance. I recently got good insurance through my employer. I haven’t been going to the doctor or taking medications for a couple years now, but i’m ready to start again. The diagnoses i currently have are hypothyroidism, orthostatic hypotension, chronic fatigue syndrome and polycystic ovarian syndrome. I never really got help for any of these things in the first place, no medications or treatments and i’ve basically ignored them since my diagnoses when i was a teen. None of the doctors i went to knew much about them, they basically just tested me for a few things and slapped me with diagnoses (even that took a lot of pushing, but i was really struggling at the time. my mom wasn’t a huge help and eventually i gave up and she stopped taking me to appointments). Especially without insurance, as a broke adult, it’s been something i’ve just ignored. however since i now have insurance i’d like to start getting help for these things. Especially in the last year or so i’ve had worse symptoms from the above diagnoses and new symptoms from i don’t know what, mainly joint pain and soreness. Would anyone recommend any periodical tests or treatment, or asking to see any certain specialists, that can help me get started towards managing symptoms for these conditions?

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  • cecilyella


    starting out with blood work could be helpful and you can do this with your primary care physician! let’s you establish a starting baseline. from there you can prioritize what needs immediate attention versus what can wait a few weeks and test results usually come back within just a couple days

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