i cant get my mind off of being sexually assaulted i will never be ok or normal it ruined my life and it still continues to do so i feel so alone and i feel like the only escape from this is d**th because everyone is obsessed with s*x and there’s no where for me to hide i cant watch movies or shows or funny things on youtube bc there will always be something s/xual and i’ll get triggered i want to hurt myself or d1e

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • decomposingprincess


    please tell me i’m not the only one

    • ImperfectNocturnal


      you are definitely not the only one

  • fxrest.faxrie


    You're not alone hon but it will be okay. Are you in therapy or anything to help with the PTSD?

  • LizWarrick


    You're so not alone. Psychotherapy and hormone replacement therapy has really helped me! Do you have any unbiased professionals you can talk with?

  • Gracie1217


    ❤️ Oh, friend, you are NOT the only one at all. Please know you're not alone, that others have been where you are, and that you matter. Speaking from my own personal experience, I would not have been able to start working through my sexual assaults without my trustworthy therapist, medication support for depression and anxiety, and sessions of EMDR. There IS help available.

  • CoCoPickle


    It’s true that you’re not alone. I was molested as a child about 3 times and one of the times was by my own father. I’m not traumatized by it but it has effected me in bad ways and for me it’s the opposite I tend to engage more on sexual activity and have a high libido.

    • HeavenMyway


      same thing happened with my father,

  • cottagedaisy


    You’re not alone at all babe. I would highly suggest talking to someone though. I know it’s so extremely hard though also. I recommend psychotherapy as a tool to help. Having support,medication and a psychiatrist have really helped me so much. 💕

  • BreezyBaby


    I still have a lot of bad days but it takes a lot of working with my trauma therapist and focusing on things that I enjoy to keep me busy. 😥💕

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