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My ptsd is from an incident where I basically faced death and was physically trapped for a bit under some ice. As a result I had a badly broken leg and I was in shock. I used to love skiing, but today was the first time I could go skiing after the incident two years ago. I was super excited at first, but I slowly got more nervous as I got closer to the top of the hill. Very first run down, I struggled so much with it and started crying and almost having a panic attack. It was because of the physical sensations (my boot trapping my leg) and sounds. I really really want to get into skiing again. Does anyone have any baby steps they took to getting back yo activities they loved that triggered their ptsd?

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

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  • kei


    you kind of just have to ease your brain back into the mindset that an activity is enjoyable rather than scary. it's really hard, but just try to remember: it won't happen again, you'll be alright :]

  • UnluckyUnicorn


    Starting small and being gracious with yourself. It’s easy to get upset when you really want to do something but find it triggering but don’t beat yourself up. Your brain needs to know it’s safe. It’ll learn as you keep doing it and don’t get hurt that you’re not in danger. Remind yourself that your not in that situation anymore. Do grounding exercises if you can. Take as many breaks as you need. Maybe even journal about it if that’s something you do. Write about everything you love about skiing, the parts that are triggering, and changing your thoughts (ex. I felt trapped again because of my boots, but they were simply secure so I could ski safely. They are there to protect me not harm me. I am safe in those boots and can take them off). Wishing you the best!

  • BlueSucculent


    I'm not sure the extent to which your triggers go, but what helps me is doing small actions that sort of simulate the stressful situation before doing the real deal. I get very scared of getting hurt while walking in urban environments alone, so I take baby steps by walking with other people or walking alone in environments I feel safe in. Maybe in your case, try a less intense version of what the goal is - cross country skiing perhaps? Maybe going to a park with hills on a snowy day and going to the top + looking down?

  • Messymexi


    Like everyone said baby steps. You figured out what kinda causes it and I feel the same way. I've been trapped in a room and under someone until I couldn't breathe and I took me forever too be able to hug someone bigger than me. Realize the situation you're in is not the same one as before, circumstances are different so the outcome may be different. Take each event one step at a time and good luck

  • catlover_


    Try small hills before big ones. Like literally if there’s any hills in your backyard or try just standing with the skis

  • RinOW


    Also try safer alternatives like snowboarding on small hills to get used to the snow, the ice, the wind, and other aspects of skiing without feeling trapped in the skiis :)

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