Im getting to the point where I can’t consume solid foods but ensure shakes are a lot more sugar than I thought. What do you do to get proper nutrition if you’re limited to a liquid diet? I’m not underweight but I am rapidly losing weight and all I keep down is Diet Coke and chocolate ensure (which is not ideal).


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  • AlwaysAdored247


    Unfortunately I have found most replacement nutritional drinks are high in sugar but maybe you can try one designed specifically for diabetics I like resource 2.0 unfortunately it’s mainly given to people that are tube fed so most insurances don’t approve it but occasionally you can find a bulk supply on Amazon for about 25 bucks

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  • Jadie


    I rely heavily of fruit and veggie smoothies, dairy products, and protein shakes when it comes to liquids. Milk and yogurt can give a decent amount of fat and protein. I get protein power and use milk with it one cup of liquid at a time. I blend my smoothies really well and sometimes use a strainer because I cant tolerate any form of pulp. If you are concerned of sugar and smoothies are an option then you can focus more on veggies. Juicing also helps but havent tried it yet due to needing equipment. I also drink Body Armors and other drinks that are like juice but loaded with more vitamins. I learned how to make proper smoothies online so I can make them taste good and try to get as much produce in me as possible. If you are physically able to make your own (its hard for me) then you control what you’re getting. I also found store bought smoothies hurt there is something they put in them that does it.

  • tattooed.llama


    Fair Life is pretty good, so is Boost. Or you can try smoothies

  • Bijoux_bean22


    Soup, stuff like butternut sqaush or even plain bone broth has been super helpful for me. Otherwise just lots of smoothies, juice and patience. :(

  • Kobo


    I make myself smoothies with vegetables and fruits that are not too sweet. I add oatmeal and whey for carbs and proteins

  • Dollymygirl


    Pure protein shakes

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