does anyone else often feel irreparably messed up? like my diagnosis is not only wrong but I'll never find the right one and I'm just too sensitive and weak for life. I'll never be able to do anything on my own correctly because my mental health is always going to be too shitty for me to tolerate anything like a real person

Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • InnocentRobot


    Don't say those things about yourself mon ami/amie. You acknowledge you hurt and that makes you strong. You will become stronger by the day and tackle what comes your way. Sometimes, sure, you may need help. But you are still beautiful how you are. Don't let any diagnosis tell you otherwise. Keep pushing forward, you will amaze yourself. You are more than enough and you are wonderful.

  • Syd.The.Space.Sloth


    If it makes you feel better, you're not alone. I feel like that sometimes, too. Like at my core, I'm too broken to be fixed. I don't really know how to fix it yet but I'm gonna keep trying, and you should too

  • SoLongDott


    I feel like this often and am told I am too hard on myself. So I shall say same to you.

  • Boobear98


    For many years I was being treated for anxiety and depression. I felt that there was something else wrong with me even though I constantly felt depressed. I was finally diagnosed as bipolar when my mom wrote a letter to my psychiatrist about my childhood. I, too, am a very sensitive person, but I have found that going to therapy has really helped. It gets easier when you start to get the right treatment. Keep advocating for yourself and remember that you are NOT your diagnosis ❤️

  • comealittlecloser


    I feel that so much. But I think we are capable and sure we have to navigate life differently than others but it is possible to succeed with the right resources and skills

  • peacebear



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