looking at my scars and thinking Abt that feeling.. idk what to do anymore I've tried so much. distraction, avoidance, showers, drawing for the look, snapping the rubber band all off it. they don't work I still feel this sensation it's getting to a point where I don't think I can stop. I'm stuck. it grabbed onto me and it won't let go. any tips? idk what to do anymore

Self-inflicted injury

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  • Fleance


    Have you tried talking to friends? Take a walk? Go shopping? Just an idea you could try to go out get some air. If you're comfortable try getting professional help reach out. I know that talking about it with a therapist and even letting it out can help you feel better like unbottling your feelings. If you wanna talk I'm here for you message me anytime. Self injury is quite worrying please if you need anything I'm available to message.

  • Pridefrog


    thank you so much <3 I've tried walks but the other two sound like nice ones to try I'm also here if you need to talk! Again thank you knowing someone sees the signs and is trying to help is a great feeling

  • E_belli


    Mindfulness can be really really helpful. The more you do it the easier it will get to do. Also, I find this app called Calm Harm really beneficial. It gives you a lot of ideas on things to do depending on what feeling you need/are dealing with. SH can be addicting. But you got this. One day at a time, moment by moment. Always keep fighting.

    • Pridefrog


      thank you so much I really love these ideas definitely will try !

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